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Bind My Wandering Heart To Thee
Enganosa e a graca, e va e a formosura; mas a mulher que teme ao Senhor, essa sera louvada.



This picture was too good for me not to share. 

This is Chris Dobens, creator of the Boston Strong T shirt campaign, embracing his girlfriend,Emily Engelhardt, who was injured in last year’s marathon bombing, right before she crosses the finish line. 

This picture is, in my opinion, one of the most important ones taken today. 

This is one of the most powerful photos of modern history.

This is accurate.

This is accurate.

"Try not to confuse attachment with love. Attachment is about fear and dependency, and has more to do with love of self than love of another. Love without attachment is the purest love because it isn’t about what others can give you because you’re empty. It is about what you can give others because you’re already full."
Unknown  (via withonefootinafairytale)
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really nice quote 


really nice quote 



I’m so thankful the good Lord created he earth the way he did. He could’ve made it ugly and boring, or he could’ve made it all the same. But he created diversity and beauty and incredible things for our eyes to behold. And it is so so good. Happy earth day, world!

"It’s Him."


It is so beautiful when the love you have for another human is a love given to you by God. It is not something of yourself but a result of the Holy Spirit living in you, producing love out of you that is so real it is unexplainable except for His power at work in you.

That kind of love gives God glory.

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Someday man…these will be my mornings.


Someday man…these will be my mornings.